Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dial 911 and die

I'm currently at FOB Borepatch in Austin, Texas.  Local law and tradition is that is some jerk assaults the perimeter here, and actually breaks in, inside the wire, I can shoot him graveyard dead.  I don't have to wonder, or ask myself if he's suffering from a life of deprivation - depraved because he's deprived.  The Castle Doctrine - recognizing that my home is my castle as recognized by ancient Common Law - allows me to assume that a housebreaker is up to no good and very likely has murderous intent.

Maybe they can get the drop on me, or my family.  But if they don't, we'll try our best to make sure that they don't go home that night fully staffed.  Of course, all Right Thinking People™ are appalled by this.  "We don't recommend self-help" says Massachusetts' dumb as a rock Attorney General Martha Coakley.  Call 911.  Lie back and think of (New) England.

Well, here in the free part of the United States of America, nobody believes that.  But even in Canada, the population is straying from Approved Opinions™:

That's not Texas.  That's Canada.

The Gun Control crowd is in a deep pit of fail.  The government is incompetent, courts repeatedly say that the government has no need to protect the likes of you, the gun control laws (surprise!) don't prevent prohibited persons like felons from getting guns.

And still they keep bleating for more gun control.  Not effective gun control.  Not making existing laws actually do what we were told they would.  Not requiring the Police to actually protect us within a certain time frame.

No, no, no.  They wake up in  the morning knowing the answer - more gun control.  They just don't know which question they'll be asked that day.

But even in Canada that message doesn't fly.  What an oddly incompetent group - Baldr Odinson, Joan Peterson, and the rest - that keep playing a broken musical instrument, thinking it sounds beautiful.  Even the Canadians don't listen any more.


Brock Townsend said...

Good find and posted.

kx59 said...

The loss of natural selection in the human race has been a terrible setback.

That Guy said...

Next time you are in town, we should organize a blogshoot!

It is amazing that Gun Controllers can still talk over the sound of the cognitive dissonance.