Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look, Robin! The Bat signal!

Any gunnie web designers out there willing to do a bit of pro bono work on a secret (but insanely) cool project For The Cause?  Drop me an email: borepatch, gmail, you know the drill.

This is classified, burn-before-reading stuff, but has the potential to have a huge marketing release with very high Internet visibility.

Matter of fact, any Marketing/PR types, send me an email.  We want to make a splash, and while I have done a fair bit of marketing in my day, I'm not a real Marketeer - I only play one on TV.  With a face made for radio.

Unlike you, with your Internet skillz.  Let's show those fascitsts gun grabbers what good old American know-how can do!

UPDATE 10 January 2012 19:50: Thanks to the League of Superheros who responded!  Looks like our subversive army is fully staffed.


North said...

Best of luck with _whatever_.

Kim said...

Sounds awesome!!