Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's all call her Ma'am

Even if we have to work really hard to call her ma'am.

Via Theo.


45er said...

Oh, she's at the top of my list to see go. If you organize that, it would make my year.

Tacitus said...

Hey, isnt "Senator Crawford" Ron Howards brother? Long time character actor, had a neat little role as a flight controller in Apollo 13, and (drum roll) as a diminutive alien in an original
Star Trek ep!
I KNOW its him!

Borepatch said...

45er, I'll see what I can go ...

Tacitus, good catch. I do have to compliment him on his Henry Waxman impersonation her, though.

SiGraybeard said...

Hey - anything directed by David Zucker, from Airplane and the Naked Gun movies, has got potential. And this one lived up to it.

Alfonzo Rachel, PJTV regular appears in it - and more.