Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Now that's a snowstorm!

Holy cow:

National Guardsmen were recruited to help dig an Alaskan fishing town out from under record-breaking snow, the Associated Press reported.

Dozens of troops arrived Sunday evening in Cordova, the small coastal town hit hardest by the snow, which has triggered avalanches and even trapped some people in their homes. At least three buildings have collapsed and six homes are deemed “severely stressed” by wet snow.

“We had no alternative but to declare an emergency,” said Cordova Mayor Jim Kallander. “It became a life-safety issue.”

Southeast Alaska has been crushed with weeks of persistent snow, kicking off one of the snowiest winters on record. More than 18 feet of snow has fallen in the past weeks, the Guard reported, and another storm is expected to hit Cordova on Tuesday.
I grew up in Maine, and so am no stranger to snow shovels.  But this is over the top.  Best wishes to the good people of Alaska.

Of course, it's all caused by Global Warming.  What's that you say?  Why is it caused by Global Warming?  Simples: everything is caused by Global Warming:

I hope that it's soon hot hot hot in Alaska - maybe even up into the 40s ...


Irish said...

18 FEET!!

We got our first snow in MA and it was acout .018 inches..


W.V. "therst"... it's almost friday

Rev. Paul said...

"hot hot hot in Alaska" ???

PLEASE, no! The melting that would take place could cause flooding, and then would refreeze - the problems are enormous.

How 'bout we just pray for the snow to stop for awhile? Hmm?