Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shooting Illustrated copies Borepatch

Well, not really.  But they did a review of Dragon Leather Works' Quantum holster:
The Quantum held up without complaint through the steamy North Carolina summer into the fall, and is still going strong in January. It turned out to be resistant to sweat and scuffing alike, a testament to the quality of the leather used and how it was constructed. Badurina’s goal for Dragon Leatherworks was to provide made-in-U.S. craftsmanship at a reasonable price.
Well earned recognition to Dennis, right there.  Although sadly no mention of the Way Cool Quantum logo in the article.

Let me just add that I can testify that the Quantum is comfortable even on a 14 hour drive.  It's rock steady, and the pistol doesn't move a millimeter.  Recommended.


Old NFO said...

Yep, Dennis does good work! :-)

Dave H said...

Based on remarks here, on JayG's blog, and the fact that Dennis himself said he liked my suggestion for a name for his new pocket holster (and in spite of him choosing an even better name for said pocket holster) I'm going to get a Dragon Leatherworks product for my next pistol. (I've already filed the notarized "mother-may-I" forms; I'm just waiting on the courthouse to send me the "yes-you-may" notice.)