Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bill Millin, rest in peace

I don't do a good job answering comments, not like I'd like.  Case in point: reader knottedprop left a comment a month ago telling of how Bill Millin had passed on.  Don't give me that "Bill Millin who?" bit - you know about what he did on that Day of Days.

In one hundred years your children and grandchildren will look back and say "They must have been Giants in those days."

Sure were.  Rest in peace.

Thanks to knottedprop for passing along something that I'd missed.


Irish said...

Thanks for sharing. That was a great news story.

Old NFO said...

Great story, and one hellva guy!

Brock Townsend said...

Thanks and posted.

Raptor said...

I think there's something in my eye... Hell of a a man, Millin was. A giant indeed. May he rest in peace.

LeverAction said...

God bless and ease his passing for his family. What a great story. Thanks Borepatch for reminding us what its all about after all.


CoolChange©© said...

Giants, indeed! Thank you for this post.