Monday, January 9, 2012

Drink like a Real Man

Not a bad list, although I don't like his Old Fashioned recipe.  But that's just me, and it's traditional to argue over the Old Fashioned recipe.

There's a punchline, too, in the comments, along with what he left out of the recipe.

Hat tip: Foseti.


Borepatch said...

The punchline is, of course, that a Real Man doesn't give a damn about someone's "Real Man" list.

The recipe needs a slice of orange and a cherry, muddled with the sugar.

Dave H said...

I was going to say over there that if you need to order certain drinks to impress the crowd, your "man card" probably came from the back of a Wheaties box. But dissing a guy on his own blog should be reserved for special occasions.

My sweet and lovely fiancee and I both are fond of whisky neat. She lives in Canada and has access to some nice spirits from the British Isles that I can't get here at home. But my second love (after her, of course) is Bushmill's Black Bush Irish whiskey.

Funny story: the proprietor of the local liquor store told me he has to stock both Jamesons and Bushmills Irish whiskies. The Jamesons is favored by Catholics and the Bushmills is favored by Protestants, but he doesn't know why. My theory is it's because Jamesons is made in Dublin (which is heavily Catholic) and Bushmills is made in Belfast (less so).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link.

bluesun said...

I only ever go to the local microbreweries (three in town), where it would be a shame to not get a real beer. At home, though, when I make a cocktail rather than one of my homebrews, I go for rum, neat or gin and tonics--though I have been trying to expand into whiskey.

And @Dave: Oh dear. I'm a presbyterian but I like Jamesons much better than Bushmills.

North said...

I don't give a damn that you don't give a damn.

Stretch said...

The only reason my cousin survived ordering a Jamesons in the 'wrong' bar was his American accent. A kindly waitress (who called him a 'bloody daft Yank') explained the facts of life and gave him a list of drinks he could safely order.
Gotta call him to see if he still has that list.

Dave H said...

Stretch: I'm guessing that was in Northern Ireland. It was in a pub in Dublin that one of the locals introduced me to Black Bush when I said I didn't care for Jamesons.

"Bloody daft Yank." Yeah, I've been called that (and more) a few times. I like Irish people. You don't have to wonder what they're thinking, because they'll tell you to your face in colorful detail. Then buy you another pint.

Borepatch said...

North FTW!

Sabra said...

Orange, cherry, & sugar? I think I would pass: the only produce I like in my alcohol is olives.

By all this male posturing, I must assume vodka is feminine. So, yay!, I am finally doing something girly.

Borepatch said...

Sabra, I'd say "heh" except a Real Man doesn't care about what anyone thinks.


Laura said...

i laugh at the "man drink" title. he apparently feels inferior if he has to label his drinks in such a way.

that, or he REALLY likes cosmopolitans and wants to hide it.

That Guy said...

What, no white wine spritzer?

Aaron said...

The true man's drink is Riga Black Balsam.

Allegedly created to restore the taste-buds of Baltic sailors who spent too long at sea eating bland rations, it packs a wallop.

If you can finish a double shot of it and handle both your throat and stomach exploding, then you're a real man and need prove nothing to anyone in your future choice of beverages.

At least you're a real man according to my Latvian buddy Pete who gave me the Black Balsam test.

I passed, but just barely.

Once tasted, that stuff is never forgotten.