Monday, January 23, 2012

Not that there's anything wrong with that

Srlsy.  I grew up reading that sort of thing (no, not that sort of thing,not that there's be anything wrong with that).


Chad said...

Tom Swift?

(Or more likely Tom Swift, Jr. I remember finding a bunch of these in our local library as a kid and devouring them, although the only title I can remember is Tom Swift and His Atomic Earth Blaster.)

Dave H said...

That's a Mitch Miller record? Cool!

I still read that kind of stuff. (Second childhood? I'm not done with the first one yet!) I found several Tom Corbett of the Space Patrol books a year or two ago. Some of the science is about what you'd expect, but they're entertaining reads if you don't look too closely.

And then there's "Doc" Smith's Lensman series. I want a DeLameter blaster so bad I can taste it.

Borepatch said...

I grew up on the science fiction juveniles (Heinlein's "Rocket Ship Galileo" and L. Sprague DeCamp's "The Runaway Robot") until I found "I Robot".

I read "Runaway Robot" to my kids when they were younger.

North said...

Runaway Robot!

OMG! I just had a memorygasm!

Dave H said...

"I read "Runaway Robot" to my kids when they were younger."

Rats. I wish I'd thought of that. Oh well - grandkids!

Guffaw in AZ said...

Marooned on Mars - Lester del Rey
Read it a bazillion times. Checked out from the school library.

Glenn B said...

Read more horror and ghost stories as a kid. I have to say though, back then, I would have thought nothing bad of taking a Rocket To Uranus or listening to the story on a record, especially by Mitch Miller. That woud have been fun. By the way, while not reading a lot of sci-fi back then, I sure loved watching it on Friday nights and Saturday mornings on TV.

Today though, just the thought of taking a Rocket To YourAnus is an extremely disturbing one! I guess I grew up and learned a thing or three along the way about what to be careful of in life, like guys who show me titled works like that then say "Not that there is anything wrong with that". LOL!

Anonymous said...


Rignerd said...

Just transitioned my oldest daughter from Marvin the Martian to John Carter of Mars. She used to hate to read, now I catcher her at it all the time.
A lot better than that vampire crap. Men of honor and daring, fighting for justice.

Dave H said...

"Men of honor and daring, fighting for justice."

And for scantily clad women. I admit it, I first picked up A Princess of Mars because of the Frank Frazetta cover.

Ken said...

Never read Marooned on Mars, but this post reminded me of Weintraub's "A Martian Odyssey." Which I read in junior high, and which can be found at Gutenberg:

Good memory that.