Sunday, January 29, 2012

The GOP Establishment and the Reckoning

Mark Alger has an interesting post that captures much of my feeling this election cycle:
In short, the couch thing with Bela Pelosi: FAIL. The JohnKinging of the media (note how quickly that became a transitive verb): EPIC WIN.

And that, I think, is the point. Tired of taking it on the chin from rude, gibbering, little homunculi of the Left, and then being laughed at for wimps when making a measured and proportionate response, We in the Right have long demanded a more muscular response -- a retaliation... a punishing retaliation -- from our soi disant leaders.

Newt seems bent on giving that to us, in word and in deed -- without much regard to what may be drudged up out of his record to smear him with.

And that is why he is liked by the groundlings.
Yeah.  It's like Lincoln's reply when the Union Military Elite told him to get rid of Grant early in the war: I can't spare him.  He fights.

But that got me thinking (as Mark is wont to do), and I went to leave a comment over there.  Unfortunately, I'm not registered or something, and so can't leave a comment.  And so I'll inflict it on you:
I recall that scene in Tombstone, where Val Kilmer says "It's not Revenge he wants.  It's a Reckoning."

That's what the Tea Party is about.  That's what the anybody-but-Romney crowd is about.  I dare say that's what your post was about.

So if Romney gets the nomination, when comes the Reckoning?  Because come it will.
People are fixated on get Obama out of office at all cost.  They're missing the Reckoning:

And so we come yet again to the stupidity and short sightedness of the Elites.  Do they really not see the Reckoning, after the rallies and election of 2010?  Really?  If they really ram Slick Willard down everyone's throats, do they not inflame this feeling, rather than tamping it down?

And then I think on how the Elite is handling the financial crisis in Europe, where reasonable changes early would likely have defused the situation.  But those changes would have cost the Elite control, or money, or embarrassment, and so the Elite kept doubling down, hoping against hope to cheat their way through.

The GOP Establishment have lived up (down?) to the Progressive's scolding that we all need to be more like Europe.  Watching this, it's the same incompetence, mixed with equal measures of arrogance and desperation.  And so again: when comes the Reckoning, what happens?  Does it sweep Ron Paul to power?  Whatever it will be, it will be the more extreme for being thwarted so often in the past.

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Old NFO said...

I'm to the point that I believe both the left AND the elite on the right are scared to death of Newt... He knows were ALL the bodies are buried!

Dedicated_Dad said...

Newt is their fall-back ploy, now that they're beginning to see that mitt-for-brains is causing a backlash...

Now they're going to shove HIM down our throats...

Meanwhile they continue their maltreatment of the only REAL candidate.

If he were being treated fairly, and losing, that would be one thing, but when he only gets 48 seconds in a debate, this is wrong-Wrong-WRONG!


PLEASE help me spread this petition to tell them that we SEE what they are doing - and if they don't STOP IT then WE WILL!

I WILL NOT vote for a RINO. If that's my only choice, I'll vote "let's get this $#!+ over-with" and go for O'dumbo!

Click HERE for the petition!

Then help me post it to every site we can find! Let's make this thing go VIRAL!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy 2012, pay close attention and take notes, because this election cycle is the last one for the Republican Party as we know it.

Once the festivities of January 2013 are behind us, regardless of who sits at 1600, the real work will begin, and not many in the Republican party will find it the slightest bit enjoyable.

The Republican Party will become either a conservative-based organization which both serves the majority of Americans and represents a very definitive alternative to the socialism of Democrats, or it will wear an asterisk and become a mere footnote.

It matters not which alternative occurs; I think most of us have reached the end of the road on the Bravo Sierra from the Kings of the Republican Party. If you wanted change, sit down, buckle up and hang on, because it's coming.

lelnet said...

"Whatever it will be, it will be the more extreme for being thwarted so often in the past."

Good. Just what we need.