Friday, January 20, 2012

Riddle me this, Mr. ABC News "Sanctity of Marriage" Man

Weer'd brings up a great point about the Mrs. ex-Newt thing:
First, Newt’s ex is an idiot. He was plugging her while he was married to wife #1, and suddenly she’s surprised when he treats his marriage to her with the same respect and reverence as he did wife #1? This is the same stupidity of Maria Shcriver being “unaware” that Arnie was impregnating the help. The dude was a wild cocksmith when he was courting her, and she thought she could tame that beast?
And that got me thinking.  Where's a whole school of Country music for "done me wrong" songs.  Case in point:

The lyrics cut to the heart of the matter:
If I had your name
I'd be changin' it right now
Why is her legal name still "Gingrich"?  If what she says about him is true, she must have been mad as an ol' wet hen at him.  Srlsy.  So why didn't she change her name and be done with him.

I'm sympathetic to the "wronged woman" idea*, but come on.  This is 15 minutes of fame, nothing more.  Good thing that she isn't the wronged Mrs. ex-Obama, though, because then this would clearly not be newsworthy.

Prediction: nobody cares.  Just as the public began suffering scandal fatigue during the Clinton years, the last few months of media hyperventilating over the scandal du jour is creating antibodies in the Body Public.  If they really want to get people's attention, they probably should bring a real scandal.

* I like me some Country Music, if nothing else.


ProudHillbilly said...

"The other woman" always seems to not get this when they themselves end up the wife that's cheated on. And all I can think of, other than "stupid!" is "You must have thought it was OK because YOU were good with it when you wanted HIM."

Ed Skinner said...

I'm waiting to hear how much she was paid to reveal "her story" now?

ASM826 said...


The only beneficiary right now is Romney. It's too early to help the Democrats.


Weer'd got that exactly right.

NotClauswitz said...

Her name's probably still Gingrich for the fancy restaurant doors it still opens - and besides it's a big PITA to change when your assets and credit-rating are tied to it. You lose that when you make the default-swap backwards, and it's generally more injurious to women.

Borepatch said...

Aw, c'mon, DirtCrashr. You're being all logical and making sense and everything.

I don't think there's a Country Music song about that ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd have gone with Ballie & the Boys "she deserves you" or is that a little too right on?