Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fourth down and short

Quite some time ago, the TV here at FOB died the death.  That was annoying, because it was only 11 or 12 years old.  Now I don't watch much TV anyway, so the problem wasn't there.  Rather, it was losing the Netflix-over-Internet and ability to watch DVDs.

Yeah, I could watch the DVDs on the laptop, but even with the 17" laptop screen it just never was worth the bother.

And then today, I had this thought: what if you plug the laptop into the videoconferencing system I have here?  Turns out it works greatSo self, I said to myself.  What if you could plug the DVD player directly into the videoconferencing unit?

Well, the video unit is DVI, and the DVD player is HDMI.  No problem - Frye's Electronics had just the thing.  And so everything actually connects, I just don't get signal.  Phooey.

My plan is to call a timeout and bring in the special team (ask the engineers at work tomorrow).  I must say, it'd be nice to have Netflix and DVDs back, and instead of buying a $400 TV, I only paid $16 for the DVI-HDMI adapter.  We shall see.

Oh well - scored a John Lee Hooker CD at Half Priced Books.  $5.  Wh00t!


Old NFO said...

LOL, boredom does amazing things for creativity doesn't it :-)

2cents said...

Shoudla come up to the northern outpost of Borepatch Nation with me. There are very few people and the same Black Friday inventory at WalMart. Went in at midnight and loaded up with $200 1080p samsung TVs.

Matt said...

So, why not stream NetFlix from your laptop?

Or, get a connector to video-in the DVD to your laptop and then video-out from the laptop to your vid. conf. system?

There are definitely more than one way to skin a cat :-D