Monday, January 16, 2012

Aux armes, citoyens!

Brad_In_MA emails to point out that Thursday is the anniversary of the epic screwing of TJIC by the People's Soviet of Massachusetts.  He has a call to action that is filled with win:
I propose a Jan 19 BUYcott of anything 2a related, in support of JTIC.  Mind putting up such a post?  I plan on getting a few targets and a brick of some .22lr range ammo for my ruger 22/45, aka Miss Cherry.  The idea is to BUY something.  Anything.  Price does not matter.  Quantity does not matter.  In short, a simple request for a simple action to support a Brother in Need.
I would go one step further, and suggest a buycott (the opposite of a boycott, 'natch, where you purposely buy from someone as opposed to refusing to buy from them).  As it turns out, TJIC is an entrepreneur, and has a company that makes this easy for everyone:  Smartflix.

Think Netflix, only for learning DVDs.  Want to learn CNC millingIntroduction to gunsmithingCombat Pistol UniversityM1 Garand Armorer course?

This is an opportunity for everyone to learn some skills that will likely appall the Usual Suspects™ in Massachusetts while helping to offset TJIC's legal costs (which will also appall the Usual Suspects™ in Massachusetts).

And so the call goes out.  Pass it on.  And look at SmartFlix, and point it out to your friends.  There's good stuff there.  Let's all stress his servers on January 19.  Aux armes, citoyens!


Broken Andy said...

Borepatch, what an excellent idea!

Even without the buycott, I see my dollars going here. A great resource.

Done and Done!

TJIC said...

Thanks for the support, all, it is truly heartening.

Brad_in_IL said...


JayG ( also has a post in support of your plight.

Good luck . . .

- Brad

DaddyBear said...

Thanks for the heads up, BP. Ordered myself the M-1 Garand Armorers course. Looks like a great resource.

Remember, we stand with TJIC!

That Guy said...

I had no idea I was already his customer. Love Smartflix!