Saturday, November 26, 2011

Calling all EMTs

Mom got a decent size scrape on the flight out here, and I treated it with a bandaid and antiseptic ointment.  For a couple days, everything was healing nicely.

Then when I was changing the bandaid, I used one of the clear ones.  The next day, she had a bright red rash where the bandaid had been.   I took the bandaid off a couple days ago, but the rash isn't getting better.

Question for the EMT guys out there: how would you treat this?  Benadryl?  Mom's 82, and so I don't want this getting worse.


Ruth said...

I've a similer reaction to the adhesives on almost all bandaids and medical tapes. The ONLY thing (for me) that helps the rash is to leave the area uncovered as much as possible. If its itching Benadryl might help. If the scrape needs to be covered still use a small piece of gauze to cover scrape and current irritated area, and use mimimum tape to hold it down, when changing out the bandage rotate where the tape goes so that its not covering the same area all the time.

I will admit that a couple days is usually enough for my reaction to mostly disappear, where she's older maybe her system just is slower reacting? Not sure what else to suggest as I don't usually bother with additional treatment as a little time is plenty for me.

Borepatch said...

Ruth, thanks. I have plenty of gauze and tape. I was going to wrap the tape around her arm, over the gauze, so that there's nothing but gauze toughing skin.

But I haven't made up my mind to put anything on it yet.


Sport Pilot said...

If it's only a scrape then clean with soap and water and don't cover it with a bandage. Use some antibiotic salve and just keep an eye on thing's. Many people are allergic to materials used in stick on bandages and or tape so try to determine what work's and doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

3M bandaids cause me to break out. Not so, Band-Aids (more's the pity, as I would far rather buy a 3M product than a J&J product). It can take a few days to calm down. Probably more so in the elderly. (Oops. I am now of that generation at 61.)

Unless it is NOT a reaction to the bandaid, I wouldn't try to treat it. It is allergic and will calm down on its own. Putting on an anti-inflammatory such as Benadryl probably is OK. I tend to err on the side of 'no drugs'. If it isn't annoying her, then leave it be. Just be sure you aren't looking at a topical infection. The anti-biotic ointment has probably fixed that sort of problem, however.

Borepatch said...

Anonymous, the red forms precisely the shape of a bandaid, so it's not an infection.

I used a little Benadryl lotion, but it's uncovered now.

Thanks, everyone.

Divemedic said...

She is likely having a reaction to the adhesive on the bandage. That happens frequently with patients. Clean the area well to remove any remaining adhesive, and then put an ointment on it that has diphenhydramine in it.

You can also try giving her some zantac. This will complement the diphenhydramine and aid in clearing the rash up a little quicker. If the rash stays for more than a day or so, consider taking her to the doctor.

Kansas Scout said...

Cortaid topical cream will be most effective. (former medic here)

Anonymous said...

As a medic and someone who's cleaned up numerous boo-boo's of her own (technical term, I know) I'd treat the red rash with Benadryl, leave it uncovered (assuming that there is a scab of some sort by now) and keep the area clean with soap and water.

I only cover my injuries if they area will be repeatedly subjected to further damage if left uncovered, but that's just me...