Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogroll Updates

Following back an incoming referral, I find that .45er is enjoying the Dad thing, Big Time.  Lucky man.  Heh.

Differ has a series of posts about the time he flew the B-17 "Liberty Belle" to Europe via Greenland.  Wow.  He only posts once in a while, so maybe if we all go ask him pretty please, he'll put up more amazing pictures.  Did I already say wow?

Blueeyedbaby is a young lady who's taken to shooting, and runs across an old gent in a gun store who has stories to tell.

Gator has a new blog location, but you already knew that.

Welcome to the blogroll, everyone!  If you have blogrolled me and I haven't added you here, leave a comment or send an email.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sir.

Borepatch said...

You're very welcome, Gator.