Sunday, November 20, 2011

What does an engagement ring cost?

If you're Brian McGuinn, it costs suiting up in a hazmat suit and wading through the landfill to find the garbage bag you accidentally dropped your pregnant wife's wedding ring into.  Bravo to the gentleman, who after wading through filth unspeakable managed to find the precise bag containing the prize.

Ladies, that is what love is.  Well done to Mr. McGuinn.


Home on the Range said...
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Home on the Range said...

The deleted comment was mine. I shouldn't spell before I've had two cups of coffee.

Beautiful. I always cringe at those commercials where they pretty much imply that if a guy doesn't spend two months salary on a ring he's a schmuck. My first thought, looking at the cost of some of those rings was "that's TWO 1911's!!!".

I have my Mom's ring, it's very simple, the diamond perfect but tiny, and Dad cried as he dropped it into my hands, to be passed on to future generations.

Borepatch said...

What I loved about this story, Brigid, is that it was about the sentiment. He went to the ends of the earth (in his own way) for her.


Ruth said...

I totally appreciate what the guy went through, on the other hand I agree with Brigid: I have no engagement ring (and didn't want one) and the wedding ring, though not "cheap" was inexpensive by plan. Don't get me wrong, I love my wedding band, but if I manage to loose it, I won't have lost two months salary either.

Dave H said...

Considering it was De Beers who came up with that two months' salary metric, I'm just a -bit- skeptical. I'd much rather understand what the love of my life really wants, and give her that. And if she really loves me, that's enough.

Well done, Mr. McGuinn.

wv: riches. Yep, he has 'em.

Mrs. Bitchpatch #1 said...

Yes, I know you would honey. That's why it never leaves my hand.

radar said...

My future (at the time) wife would have been alarmed if I had spent two months salary on a RING! She would have been thinking of all the budgetary implications. The ring I got her was probably three weeks worth of pay on the job I had then (which payed well) and she was very pleased.

It isn't about the engagement ring, which costs money. It is about the wedding ring, where you give your life to her and she gives hers to you. THAT ring is the important one and it remains on my finger at all times.