Friday, November 11, 2011

Blogshoot time!

Tomorrow is the South Texas blogshoot, organized by the South Texas gunblogger's own Community Organizer, Southern Belle.

Location: Lone Star gun range, Lockhart Texas.

Time: 10:00 until whenever.

What to bring: Water is good, although it will be pretty temperate tomorrow.  Any loud fun toys are always welcome; I plan on bringing the Enfield, along with a couple others (Watch out!  He has an arsenal!!!1!).  I stopped at McBrides and cleaned them out of .303 and got a shooting sling.  Go me!

If anyone in Austin wants to go and needs or wants a ride, email be by 0800 tomorrow.

1 comment:

Keads said...

Texas is a bit of a strech for me, but I hope y'all have fun! Looking forward to an AAR of course.