Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The return of ClimateGate

Folks are emailing me about this, the release of a quarter million more emails from the ClimateGate crowd.  I'm going to spend the long weekend digesting all of this - there's a ton of material here, but a lot of it is old hat.  I want to see if I can tease some new threads of meaning out of the mass of data.

Initial thoughts:

1. This crowd really hasn't learned anything.  Like the old Bourbon Monarchs, they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

2. There is quite a lot here about the actual uncertainty involved in the science, that you simply don't hear the MSM reporting.  Quite a lot indeed.

3. There's still much chatter about controlling membership on the IPCC panels.  See initial thought #1.

4. There are some quite pungent emails about Mike Mann's infamous "Hockey Stick" paper.  Even the High Priests think it was a load of dross.

5. Perhaps most interesting, there was a manifesto included in the data, presumably from the leaker (who is currently unknown).  It's basically "Save the world's poor with cheap energy" which is pretty interesting.  Whether this is the actual motivation, or simple misdirection, is unclear.

6. The misdirection idea is particularly interesting.  Russia in particular has a history of annoyance directed at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit.  The have the motivation to kill restrictions on carbon fuels (Russia is a huge exporter of Natural Gas to Western Europe).  They have hacking skills out the wazoo.  I think that the leak is probably an inside job, but this is pretty interesting.

So I'll probably be quiet on this subject until I've digested things.  I know that this violates my typical "ready-fire-aim" approach.  Must be growing up, or something.


ASM826 said...

You can't thoughtfully read a wealth of information, ponder it's importance and then post a reasoned analysis. It so completely violates the rules of the internet it will create a singularity. We'll all be sucked into the black hole of common sense you'll create and the blogosphere will be destroyed!

Brock Townsend said...

Just posted this on the general subject, braindead liberals.:)

14000 Abandoned Wind Turbines In The USA

Old NFO said...

LOL, gotta agree with ASM :-)

SiGraybeard said...

That's good news that Brock posts (14,000 abandoned wind turbines). The truth is that governments are becoming unable to support them with the insane subsidies they get. Without subsidies, the tech is a non-starter.

Maybe this will wash out a lot of the green hokum.

Brock Townsend said...

Here's a comment on that piece.

The original masters of windmills are abandoning their wind turbines.

Ken said...

I'm jut liking the "Global warming is Mann-made" snark going around. :-)

NotClauswitz said...

You can't discuss any uncertainty to or within the MSM, it destroys the Appeal-to-Authority Narrative they constantly seek, like Sisyphus, to establish. It's part of the Media DNA to attempt to lead the parade, by making everyone form a line behind them.