Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Concealed Carry holsters for Ladies

It's said that all a gentleman needs to carry to look presentable is a comb (well, except for gentlemen like me, where that ship has sailed).  Things are not so simple for ladies.  And so with concealed carry.  Which holster for the to-die-for Cocktail Dress, which holster for the beach, which for jogging?

This young lady has some outstanding suggestions for my Lady Readers.

And I must confess that if I were 25 and unmarried again, I might be pretty smitten.  So I guess there's something here for my Gentlemen Readers, too.

But seriously, this looks like pretty solid, practical advice.  Carry your pistol, it's a lighter burden than regret.


Boat Guy said...

Excellent account. Very helpful. Sent it to younger son for his Bride for whom I purchased an SP 101.

Duke said...

Women don't need a holster, they can carry two 1911's and 100 rounds of ammo in a purse without attracting any attention, all this while wearing a bikini.
I'm jealous.

Warrior Knitter said...

Thanks for posting that. I'd discounted ankle holsters because of the difficulty of drawing surreptitiously and just getting to it.

However, if my only other option is to not carry or carry off body — such as in my purse (and I'm not a fan of off-body carry) — this could work.

Now I'm off to do some research.

North said...

Not sure where Falia is. She hasn't blogged or updated video in a while. She lived in a van driving around the country for a while - last I've heard of her.

greg said...

Wow...as soon as I can trap my wife at the computer, she will watch this video. She's recently lost 45 pounds, and now that clothes are fitting different, she's interested in revisiting on-body carry, as opposed to in her purse.

And let me tell you, you don't need to let being over 25 and married keep you from being smitten..you just need to let that keep you from ACTING on being smitten.