Saturday, November 12, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 first day gross

Games are as big as Hollywood, or bigger.  So major introductions are watched like new major motion films for opening day financials.  So what was CoD:MW3's opening day take?

$400 Million.  In a day.

Holy cow.


Josh Kruschke said...

How much of thatvwas in tge consol market and how much of that was in th PC Market?

wolfwalker said...

I suspect some semantic trickery: to wit, game orders that have been placed over the many weeks since preorders became possible were all credited as actual sales today, since most online vendors don't charge your card until the merchandise actually ships.

Borepatch said...

Josh, I don't know. AFAIK, the numbers weren't broken out.

Wolfwalker.agreed. It would be interesting to see second day sales. However, that's still be big, big number.

Six said...

Man, did I ever go into the wrong line of work.
Anyone want to base a video game on a bald, middle aged retired cop with a mortgage and 14 year old pickup who can't dance or sing but who can stil shoot a little and pay me millions?
Anyone? Anyone at all? No?
Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

While it is perhaps the case that a lot of people with time on their hands (ie, the unemployed) are spending money on new distractions (ie, games), how much longer can this continue in a declining economy?

Personally, I prefer building things that are economically productive as well.