Monday, November 14, 2011

The M1922 Bang Rifle

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The repeating action on this is unique.  A sliding cone over the muzzle was driven forward by the muzzle blast.  A long rod connected to the cone worked a lever that unlocked the breach.  Søren Bang had been working on the design since 1901, and this actually passed field trials despite being less than robust and susceptible to failure from the corrosive primers, which weakened the cone.

I want one just because of the name.  Yeah, I know - I need to grow up.  Not going to happen.


Old NFO said...

Ah, but the REAL question is, how many of them even exists today??? and it IS an interesting concept :-)

LSP said...

"Grow up"?

Buy several and a kragg (sp?) too.


Farmee said...

Also, after every shot, the cone over the muzzle had to be replaced because it had a hole in it. I kid that which I do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Not much good as a club when the bullets run out in the coming Zombie apocalypse.