Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bill Engvall's Dixie Chicks moment

What I found most objectionable about the entire exchange—besides the fools in the audience cheering on Wagner and Maher, was Blue Collar Comedian Bill Engvall deciding our rights are his to compromise ...

Blogger John Richardson gets it exactly right when he observes:
Engvall has lost me as a fan when he says he doesn't see any reason for a person like himself to own an AK-47. This was just after he said he should be able to protect his family and that he is a avid hunter and fisherman. Fudds like Engvall need to realize that the gun prohibitionists see his deer rifle with a scope as "high-powered sniper rifle" and they will be coming after that as well.
Engvall needs to realize that the folks who buy tickets to his performances, who watch him on TV, who purchase his DVDs and who hire him to entertain their members aren’t the smug and snarky Maher crowd.
I kind of like Engvall, and went to one of his performances with #1 Son.  But he is entirely out of touch with his audience, and needs to wake up.  Fast.

The problem that the Dixie Chicks had wasn't that they spoke their minds (well, Natalie Maines spoke her mind, and wouldn't shut up).  They did so to suck up to a foreign audience, in a time of national emergency.  Of course, they had every right to do so - nobody has suggested prosecution for their statements.

But what they didn't understand is that there is a song that's played every single day on the radio stations that they relied on for their success.

Here's your sign, Bill.


bluesun said...


Wraith said...

The new hit single: "Goodbye Bill."

Ken said...

The thing that bugged me most about the Dixie Chicks was their patent immaturity in the aftermath: "Well, if our fans won't be on our side, we'll just go be rock instead!"

...and then went on to slag people like Faith Hill, who wasn't even involved that I know of: "We don't want our CDs in the same changer with someone like Faith Hill anyway!"

I'd have had a lot more respect for 'em if they'd have said, "We recognize you don't like what we said, but we said what we think is right and we're sticking to it."

Borepatch said...

Bluesun FTW!

Ken, yeah the whole thing was a spectacular flameout.

ProudHillbilly said...

I rather fail to see why it's anybody's business what sort of firearm is owned by someone else.

KurtP said...

Kinda OT, but

I couldn't help but notice that there was more people in the stands showing the proper respect than on gasoline alley...

Hat Trick said...

KurtP, You're not the first to notice. Can't have those sponsor logos obscured by the drivers properly placing their right hand over their heart. Not that that's a good reason, still makes them asses.