Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family has been cutting into my blogging

It doesn't suck to be me.  I'll get back on schedule soon, but it's just been wonderful having family here.  Even if Mom has had to tell me that ranting about the law banning incandescent bulbs is bad for my blood pressure.

Sure is nice having her visit.  Back later.


TinCan Assassin said...

Oh, I suppose. But just this once.

WV: viteroch- vitameatavegin, and it's tasty too!

Anonymous said...

Family = Good

Blogging? Not so much, when family is present.

incandescent bulbs? I have been buying them up. Whenever Menard's has a sale..Have a stockpile of bulbs, and guns, and ammo, there a trend here?
Keeps me from ranting, well sometimes it does..

WoFat said...

Ranting about light bulbs is good for you. I do it all the time.

Duke said...

Been there, doing that, enjoy time with family.