Monday, November 14, 2011

Memory lane

It's interesting what triggers memories, and what triggers the strongest memories.  There are a million stories about how aromas can trigger long forgotten yet vivid memories in very elderly people.  Music is like that with me - songs can be so strongly associated with good (or bad) times that it's simply impossible to listen to it without being transported back to those days, long ago.

That just happened.  The last time I came back out here to FOB Borepatch, I grabbed a box of CDs to augment my selection here.  After all, everyone back at Camp Borepatch listens to iPod, so as the resident dinosaur, I have pretty much free access to the CD collection.  Well, the box had this:

The kids called it "Daddybies".  I saw it, and put it in.  And suddenly, I'm back in time, when I'd rock my little ones to sleep.

I've done a lot in my life, but nothing that matches this.  Some day, if I'm as lucky as some guys are, I can maybe rock a grandchild or three to sleep with this.

But my very favorite lullaby was from a different album, Daddies Sing Goodnight.

The song was "My little Buckaroo", sung by Doc Watson.  I can't find a video with him singing it, but this one by Slim Whitman comes mighty close.

I can't find that album.  I guess I have a few years to look for it.

UPDATE 14 November 2011 19:53: I'd say that  45er is a lucky guy:
Mrs. 45er (to 3 year old kid - not me - this time): "Honey, don't pick your nose."

Little 45er: "I'm not picking."

Mrs. 45er: "What are you doing?"

Little 45er: "I'm just twisting. Like this." (demonstrates)

You know, she has a point about literal interpretation.
Heh.  But enjoy it, 45er.  They sure grow up fast.


Old NFO said...

Sigh... My kids didn't like my singing, hell "I" didn't like my singing, I sound like a bullfrog with a sore throat :-)

Borepatch said...

Old NFO, I have no doubt that your kids have memories of those days that you don't even suspect. I know that mine do.

LSP said...

I guess I'm becoming a sentimental old fool, but I was moved by that...

God bless.

Six said...

You'll love being a grandpa BP, I know I do. have I mentioned that mine are coming for a nice long visit in about a week and a half?

DaddyBear said...

For me, it's Dr. Seuss books. I used to read several of them a night to my older kids. When they grew out of them, I either gave them to friends or put them up for the grandkids. When Boo came along 10 years after his sister, I got to start reading them all over again. I swear I have a flashback to one of the older kids every night.

instinct said...

I was told by my wife that I am only allowed to sing along to The Clash or the Ramones. Any music that requires keeping in key is verboten.

I have face made for radio and a voice made for silent movies.

But yeah, rocking my son to sleep is a wonderful thing, especially when he grabs my finger and keeps holding it once he is out.

Borepatch said...

Six, I think I will love it, when it's here.

Instinct, I sure do miss that.