Monday, January 31, 2011

Forensic analysis of Intellectual FAIL

I Wand A New Left dissects 12 intellectual traps that the left falls into, that leads them to do the most astonishing things:
Why would leftists have an alliance or be fellow travelers with some of the most reactionary people in the world? It made sense for the left to be either communists or fellow travelers of communism, for communism was generated by the left and was wholly infused with leftist thought. Islam, however, was never part of the left, and the old left which thought of religion as the opiate of the people would no doubt be much surprised to find leftists of today allying themselves so closely with any religion, much less one that seems so reactionary. What, aside from anti-Americanism, do leftists have in common with these people? Nor can anti-Americanism bind them very much since anti-Americanism, after all, isn’t the exclusive preserve of the left. Many people have adopted it, for various reasons.

Moreover, some of these Muslims have come to the West with the idea of imposing their own religious law (shari’a) on us. The obvious leftist response would be to oppose this, instead of which the left seems to be enabling it.
In general, these people are not dumb.  However, they've internalized ways of thinking that make them act dumb.  His is an important post, and you should bookmark it for future reference.


bluesun said...

If you act dumb, are you not dumb? If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...?

Blue said...

Those of the Left do not think. They "feel".