Friday, January 21, 2011

I think we hit a nerve

This whole "shut up or we'll take your guns" thing seems to have gotten under people's skins - as it should have.  Almost 50 people posting on the situation.  60 comments, just the ones here.

The idea that your rights are actually privileges - something to be granted to or taken from you by some government flunky - that's not a comfortable thought.  It's an infuriating thought.

One commenter asked JayG and me why people live in Massachusetts.  Jay answered for himself, so I won't speak for him here.  As for me, this was one of the factors in my decision to move back to Georgia.  It was only one of many, but it was Yet Another Push out the door.

But high taxes, idiotic regulations like this, and a much worse climate have got to be killing the Northeast.


libertyman said...

I left Massachusetts 23 years ago, and you are correct the gun laws were and are a factor. I was going apply for my Mass out of state permit, but I really don't want to pay $100.00 a year to the commonwealth. I stand with TJIC, it is frightening that a comment can lead to the arbitrary denial of civil rights. But that is the whole idea, isn't it, to send the chilling effect to those who would truly express their thoughts.

Kansas Scout said...

I would never live in Mass. or NY or even Ill. where I grew up. The gun laws are far too restrictive form me and I flat won't go there. These places deserve to dry up and blow away.
Yes, I am among those who wonder why you would live there if your into guns. The Gun Zone guy lives in NY and you wonder why he would not at least move to New Hampshire.

Josh Kruschke said...


Anonymous said...

Your rights are a figment of your imagination. Sad to say, but the truth is that they can so be cancelled by gubbermint flunkies, violent psychotics, or any number of druggies and turdies.

The only rights you have are those that you can morally and physically defend. The Constitution is only a scrap of paper and an idea and carries no force in the real world except to enable those that would abuse or twist it to their aims.

Josh Kruschke said...

Thats why the framers put in the Second Amendment.

See how that works.

the Constitution has built in protection as long as we use them.

Phillip said...

Thank you for the answer, I didn't expect to see it have its own blog post.

I had an aunt and uncle that lived in MA all of my life, and the largest part of theirs. Nice folks, but you could tell they didn't 'fit' when they'd come back to WV. Even they'd complain about it, and they had nothing to do with guns, so I've always wondered "If the place is so bad, why does anyone live there?" Thanks for a little insight.