Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are TJIC

UPDATE 21 January 2011 16:06: People arriving from USA Today might want to check out this post, which explains what this whole thing is about. /UPDATE

UPDATE: Just updated with people who've commented, emailed, or that I've noticed via trackbacks.  Total is 41 45 46 61 69 78 84 90 98 100 109 116 132 137 141 145 now, plus me.  If I left anyone off, please let me know. /UPDATE

(Note: post written at 23:30 last night)

Thanks to folks for picking up on the whole say something offensive, lose your rights thing.  Here's an army of TJICs:

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Apologies to anyone I've left off, or who put a post up after I wrote this.  Leave a comment and I'll add you to the list.  To other folks who haven't, come on in - the water's fine.

One comment I've seen repeated on this "what can we do to stop this"?  We're doing it - this is what we do: whenever the Statist Asshats pull something like this, we make sure the word gets out.  We make sure that they have to defend their actions.  We do our best to make it news.

They're used to living in the shadows (PR wise).  Shine the bright sunlight of attention on them.  The government is nothing if not risk adverse; make 'em sweat, and we'll see less of this nonsense.

UPDATE 20 January 2011 13:35: The Army of TJICs grows:

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UPDATE 20 January 2011 20:10: A few more:

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Let me know if you've joined the Army Of TJICs, and I'll add you.

UPDATE 20 January 20:38: Oh, foo. Not half an hour passed before I noticed that Tam had joined in, with a must-read on the First Amendment, and the cradle and grave of liberty.  I was going to blog on precisely that, but she's got it pretty well covered.

UPDATE 21 January 2011 8:22: Still more:

Josh has an interesting take on the situation.
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And Art emails the following:

UPDATE 21 January 2011 10:44: It's getting hard to keep up with everyone:

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UPDATE 21 January 2011 13:45: Holy cow, there are a lot of you:

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UPDATE 21 January 2011 17:15: Still more:

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UPDATE 21 January 2011 21:02: And even more:

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UPDATE 22 January 2011 12:25: We have 100!

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UPDATE 22 January 2011 16:16: Not sure if this will be the last update. Probably not:

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UPDATE 22 January 2011 17:15: Heh:

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UPDATE 23 January 2011 11:00: I keep wondering when this is going to die down. Not sure that it is, and thank you all:

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UPDATE 25 January 2011 11:55: Man, Itake a day off from updating, and there are a lot to add:

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UPDATE 26 January 2011 17:25: Some folks emailed to let me know that they'd linked. Thanks!  Others I found through incoming referrals.

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UPDATE 29 January 2011 12:00: It looks like things are slowing down, so I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep adding to the list. Send me an email if you should be (but aren't) here.

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UPDATE 31 January 2011 15:42: This will be the last update. Thanks to everyone who's picked this up.

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Mark Alger said...


I posted both at BTB and Eternity Road.


gator said...

I'm in.

Unknown said...

Stand together or hang separately... Count me in.

TCA said...

I for one intend to communicate my displeasure with the City of Arlington. I plan on googling it to see if they have a web page, and e-mailing or snail-mailing some serious inflammatory rhetoric. I suggest we make the Webmaster and/or postmaster of Arlington earn his pay for the week.

Anonymous said...

TJIC: "1 down, 534 to go."

Borepatch: "he didn't say that he would take them down."

He proposed that the rest of Congress be taken down as Giffords was. What do you think he was saying?

Borepatch: Thanks to folks for picking up on the whole "say something offensive", lose your rights thing. Here's an army of TJICs...

If he had made an offensive statement such as calling a black man a nigger, he would not have have had his gun license revoked. They took his license because they assessed his support for assassinating Congress with gun violence as credible "1 down, 534 to go."

Words have consequences. Threaten to murder Congressmen with guns, expect to be subject to law enforcement.

There's no reason to think he will lose his gun license permanently (unless of course he has untreatable mental illness, which I don't think anyone is claiming.)

I'm interested in understanding the TJIC insurrectionist pov.

2nd amendment rights and exercising those rights by killing elected leaders are two very different things. He clearly has connected them. What's his justification?

Robert McDonald said...

If you could read his blog he pretty clearly lays out his position which never threatened anyone, Anon.

BP, you left me out.

og said...


Raptor said...

I'm in too.

williamthecoroner said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...



Josh Kruschke said...

Ok, Now what is the next step?

Anonymous said...

I'm in...just didn't take time yesterday to post.

Anonymous said...

In..and posted..

Free Speech is Free Speech.

If it hurts your feelings or offends you.

Then sit down, shut up and be a good little serf...

Anonymous said...

I put a link up to you.

Travis Corcoran is a tool for having said what he did. But rights is rights. If they can be taken away by the .gov for rough talk then they aren't rights any more.

Bushwack said...

Posted at <a href=">American and Proud</a>

And I'm posting on Ted Gotta get the powers involved.

Bushwack said...

sorry link here :
American and Proud

Anonymous said...

As much as I possibly can be, I am in.


Ben C said...

I'm in

Might be a little strong language at the link.

LeverAction said...

Post (and graphic + link) added over at my place.

Timmeehh said...

I'm supporting TJIC on FB.

Jennifer said...

me too

Guy S said...

Let's Roll!!

Mike said...

My post of last night:This is censorship.... On my blog :White Rock Kitchens.

Linoge said...

Adding my small volume of fire from here:

strandediniowa said...

Hell, Bill Ayers still hasn't been held accountable for his actions. He didn't just make a bad, inappropriate joke, he made threats he acted on them. What about him and his girlfriend?

I may not count for much, but count me in.

Jeffersonian said...


Phillip said...

I put it on my Facebook as well, with a short sentence describing it. I don't blog, but it's something.

Josh Kruschke said...

This is all well and good that we suport him I'm just not going to do it with a picture stating "I am TJIC" cause I'm not.
I would never have allowed or choose to live where my 2nd Amendment rights have been violated. Everyone seems to me to be under the impression that his Second Amendment was violated when they took his guns from him. No, he gave up his right to his guns when consented to the condition of owner ship a permit was need and said permit was issued at the whim of the government.
He should not be surprised if at the whim of the government said permit should be revoked.

The post is here:

Josh Kruschke said...

Ps. I will suport him if he decides to take this through the court system. If just need me to pat him on the back and tell him how unfair the world is not sure if I can, or would I even want to do that.


Tam said...

Roomie knocked one out of the park if you ask me.

Newbius said...

I'm in

Mayberry said...

Toss my name in the hat. We hang together or we will surely hang separately...

Josh Kruschke said...

Sorry if I'm not a very good cheer leader.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Linked to this list in a new post, too.

BP: Just to keep the count accurate, you have me twice. I moved my "Curses! Foiled Again!" to Wordpress but still comment with my blogger ID so I can get email updates on comment threads (Wordpress doesn't like to play nice with Blogger).

perlhaqr said...

I posted on my livejournal. Nothing but a link, really. I leave the fancy talk to those who are good at it. (Tam, Bobbi, Jay, etc.)

Peter said...

CCK said...

Just started a blog today.
But I am TJIC

Elliot said...

My Weekly Crime

bs footprint said...

Add me to the list, please.

I am TJIC, and so are you.

Gudis said...

John Venlet said...

Holy cow, there are a lot of you.


Borepatch, I'll be linking to this post of yours in an update to my initial post.

Thank you for compiling.

Josh Kruschke said...

Because Tam beat me down, I've put up the picture and a link back to here.

I am TJIC.
Josh :-)

Josh Kruschke said...

I changed my mind the picture links to The Lair.


bs footprint said...

"I would never have allowed or choose to live where my 2nd Amendment rights have been violated. Everyone seems to me to be under the impression that his Second Amendment was violated when they took his guns from him. No, he gave up his right to his guns when consented to the condition of owner ship a permit was need and said permit was issued at the whim of the government.
He should not be surprised if at the whim of the government said permit should be revoked. "

While I understand your sentiment, I disagree about him giving up rights.

He didn't give up his rights, he had no choice but to conform to local regulations in order to exercise them.

I'm pretty sure that the SCOTUS has said that the state can't convert a right into a privilege via regulations/licensing.

And gun ownership was recently confirmed as an individual right by the SCOTUS.

So... how is it again that he "gave up" any of his rights?

Josh Kruschke said...

@ bs Foot print
You ownly have the rights you are will to defend. Technically you are right as you can only lose a right one of two ways: voluntarily relinquished or at death; as murder is the ultimate violation of your right to life.

He did have two choises: he could move or file a laws suite stating that his 2nd Amendment right had been violated.


Anonymous said...

Am I TJIC? You know it.

Temnota said...

I'll stand with all of you.

I am TJIC.

Peter said...

I guess you missed both of these:


Concerned American said...

Western Rifle Shooters, too:

foxmarks said...

I’m in.

Sorry I am late to the party. Where’s the keg?

TOTWTYTR said...

There's no reason to think he will lose his gun license permanently (unless of course he has untreatable mental illness, which I don't think anyone is claiming.)

You don't know much about firearms licensing in MA. There is every reason to think that he'll lose his license permanently. Licensing in this state is dependent almost entirely on the discretion of the issuing chief. While a denial can be appealed in court, very few judges will overturn a chief's denial.

I'll go so far as to say that if I blogged under my real identity and the chief in my town of residence read my post, my license would be at risk.

That's why GOAL is trying to reform the law and limit the chief's discretion in issuing (or not) licenses.

mike said...

I'd never heard of TJIC until reading about him the last couple of days, and being a Brit and on the other side of the world I'm an "outsider", in more than one sense, and enough so to disqualify me from the intended range of Martin Luther King's words when he wrote "..."Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality...", but I say that, in the relevant ethical sense, his delimitation of those remarks to the borders of the United States was wrong: I'm TJIC too.

TCA said...

Quote of the Day: “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington

HonourableMeans said...

Me too.

Inalienable rights, not privileges!

The Bonnie Blue Blog

Glenn B said...

So all these folks are wanting to be cool and become part ot TJIC, I have a question. has anyone actually read the complete blog post(s) that this giuy wrote on the issue of the alleged threat he may or may not have made. would like to read it myself but when I tried to go to the link given in the previous post on this blog, I received a notice that I did not have permission to view the page. I am guessing it was pullked. Did anyone make a copy and if so can you email it to me.


TheMinuteman said...

I dropped mine this afternoon.

Stephen R said...

Glenn B -- I did read the posts in question, yes. The title of one post was exactly as quoted: "1 down and 534 to go", and was directly in reference to the Arizona shooting.

It was shocking. Certainly attention-grabbing. Tasteless, in my opinion, and much farther into the realm of dark humor than I would have gone. If it had not followed an actual shooting, it would have been a joke much in keeping with "What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?"; but in light of actual events, it was pretty harsh.

**However** -- if you read the post itself, it was pretty clear that it was merely (dark) humor, and that he was not advocating violence. I've also been reading TJIC for some years now, and such things are, simply stated, not his style.

It is my opinion, and obviously that of several others, that what he said was tasteless humor, but not a threat of violence. And absent a direct threat of violence, the authorities have no right to abrogate his right to keep and bear arms.

As another blog pointed out: If he is so dangerous, he should be arrested and taken in to custody. If he is *not* dangerous, leave him the hell alone. He has the right to speak his mind in the manner of his own liking.

TinCan Assassin said...

I'm in, again. I started a blog just because of this. They can't shut us all up.

Firehand said...


WV: 'angsk' What we're causing the law enforcement clowns in the PROM

Eseell said...

Did you see that The Nerds' website is down? I don't know the story, but it seems to have happened only a few hours after Stingray's post went up. Looks like they're hosted by The Planet.

ctdonath said...


Mark Horning said...

In my best Life of Brian voice,
I'm TJIC, and so's my wife:

ctd said...

Occurs to me:

In the best-seller "Executive Orders", Tom Clancy depicts the destruction of Congress.
Clancy was not investigated.

The crashing of 9/11 flight 93 was, at a very reasonable guess, an attempt to carry out that depiction.
Clancy was not investigated.

Just sayin'.

rox_publius said...

Guitar University ordered from Smart Flix.

Onward the buycott!!

sofa said...

It's been over a month. Any news?