Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marty Robbins - Big Iron

#2 Son wanted me to take him to see True Grit.  I think it was because of Red Dead Redemption, or perhaps the soundtrack in Fallout: New Vegas, which includes this song.  But as someone who grew up during a time when the Cowboy was King (and when this album was released), it sure is a fun trip down memory lane.

We've seen Marty Robbins here previously, and covered his NASCAR career.  Word has it that he won Talladega in 1973 by removing the restrictors from his carburetor.

Be that as it may, there's no denying that he's having a resurgence of popularity with a new generation.  One that doesn't realize that he won a Grammy Hall of Fame award, just that he's on every channel in Fallout: New Vegas.  It's surprising - but very nice indeed - to have #2 Son play some Marty Robbins.  Not because I asked him to, but because he thinks it's a cool song.

Big Iron (Songwriter: Marty Robbins)
To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day
Hardly spoke to folks around him didn't have too much to say
No one dared to ask his business no one dared to make a slip
for the stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

It was early in the morning when he rode into the town
He came riding from the south side slowly lookin' all around
He's an outlaw loose and running came the whisper from each lip
And he's here to do some business with the big iron on his hip
big iron on his hip

In this town there lived an outlaw by the name of Texas Red
Many men had tried to take him and that many men were dead
He was vicious and a killer though a youth of twenty four
And the notches on his pistol numbered one an nineteen more
One and nineteen more

Now the stranger started talking made it plain to folks around
Was an Arizona ranger wouldn't be too long in town
He came here to take an outlaw back alive or maybe dead
And he said it didn't matter he was after Texas Red
After Texas Red

Wasn't long before the story was relayed to Texas Red
But the outlaw didn't worry men that tried before were dead
Twenty men had tried to take him twenty men had made a slip
Twenty one would be the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

The morning passed so quickly it was time for them to meet
It was twenty past eleven when they walked out in the street
Folks were watching from the windows every-body held their breath
They knew this handsome ranger was about to meet his death
About to meet his death

There was forty feet between them when they stopped to make their play
And the swiftness of the ranger is still talked about today
Texas Red had not cleared leather fore a bullet fairly ripped
And the ranger's aim was deadly with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

It was over in a moment and the folks had gathered round
There before them lay the body of the outlaw on the ground
Oh he might have went on living but he made one fatal slip
When he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip


Sabra said...

Absolutely my favorite Marty Robbins song ("Cool Water" is a close second.) I love that album, but I must admit I'm not much of a fan outside of it. I want to hurt someone every time I hear "Devil Woman".

bluesun said...

I just finished playing through Fallout 3, and then I went and watched "South Pacific" for the first time. I knew that Fallout used real songs, but when "I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy" started in the musical I sat up and yelled "Hey! That song's in Fallout!"

The music is one of the reasons why those games are so entertaining.

BenC said...

He didn't win the race he finished 19.The way it is told is that he did it because he wanted see the looks on some of the drivers faces including Richard Petty when he went by them.After the race he went to NASCAR and told him to check his car because he thought it was to fast because didn't feel right about get rewarded for cheating.

TOTWTYTR said...

One of his best "cowboy" songs, although it gets no airplay on the new improved Sirius XM. There was also a second Gunfighter Ballads album which is now out of print. Maybe it will be re-released some day.

Robbins had a terrific voice and over his career sung a lot of songs that were not Country Western by any definition of the term.

I'm heartened that his music is undergoing a resurgence.