Saturday, January 22, 2011

Internet Hunting is illegal?

Even in Georgia?  Who knew?


SiGraybeard said...

"Pay per view slaughter", sheesh..

Didn't some moe-ron say that the scene on "Sarah Palin's Alaska", where she shot the pronghorn, was a "snuff film"? That's the same sort of crazy rhetoric.

But we have to watch it. There was a bill last summer to outlaw "crush" videos that show animals being tortured. I think we're all ok with that - all hunters talk about getting clean, humane kills - but it would have outlawed most hunting shows, as presently made, because it outlawed showing an animal being killed.

jes said...

I can't say that setup is going to make a clean kill, or even one that is going to be watched on the camera. Shotguns are notorious for making bad shots, unless they are slug guns, with sights and/or scopes.

The animal is going to get shot, but most likely it is going to be buckshot in that rig. And it isn't going to be fatal very quickly, unless they are small pigs, and the range is right. The camera is not going to get it right, unless you have used it enough to know it well....I can't see this rig doing anyone any good unless they just want to wound some animal, and I can't consider that hunting. That is not doing anyone any good unless they are some pervert who gets their kicks from torture. Not saying you are for it, but someone is, or it wouldn't be there.....

Jay G said...

"Internet Hunting"

Someone had to ask: What caliber for internet?

Borepatch said...

What caliber for internet?

.45 ACP, of course. On the Internet, .GOV refers to the United States Government. We're pleased to (magnanimously) let everyone else use our Internet.

If they don't like it, they can go make their own Internet.

And yeah, everyone would like us to use the "global" 9mm. They can kiss our grits.

.45, baby. It was designed by the Lord's prophet, John Moses Browning (PBUH). I'm somewhat sympathetic to the argument that it's not quite enough, in which case JMB's (PBUH) .50 BMG should suffice.

You're welcome. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Huh... you've got a feral pig problem, why not put out some bait and go to town? The only difference I see between holding the gun in your hands and operating it remotely is the need to ensure your video picture isn't being spoofed. (Even that is a pretty remote concern.)

Hell, if the hogs have to be eliminated, why not use a stable platform with better sensors than eyeballs? As long as there is a hunter in the loop with positive, fail-safe control I see no new moral issues for the bedwetters to worry about.