Saturday, January 8, 2011


KurtP asks the question:
So now- in order to enhance our privacy- we need to use our national internet ID?
So you can track us- but not 'really' track our surfing habits- because it's for the children,,,or something.
Just like the Republicans hustled up to give all sorts of powers to the Homeland Security Department in 2001, the Democrats are hustling to give all sorts of powers to the FCC.

Coke Party, Pepsi Party.  Me, I prefer Leninade.

Dang.  And I even said I'd be less gloomy.  Hmmmm, OK - how about this?   The Fed.Gov's idiotic ID card program is going to be hopelessly broken (security-wise).  Therefore, you'll probably be able to be whoever you like on the Intarwebz.  So where would you surf as Barack H. Obama?  Remember: with great power comes great responsibility ...

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Phillip said...

Right now, I don't take any real efforts to hide what I do online. I'm moderately careful not to post anything that's a really flaming-eyed nutjob-type rant, but most of my comments can be traced to my e-mail address, which can be traced to my real name, which can be traced to me, provided you know what you're doing. The most I do is open porn in an incognito window... big whoop.

A national ID type arrangement will change that. I have the ability and the experience to circumvent such a thing, no matter how they originally arrange it, because it won't be truly secure. And I'm just contrary enough that I will circumvent it just because 'THEY' don't want me to.

Hopefully someone with a little sanity will prevail and they'll drop this scheme.