Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is pretty cool

A map of American and Canadian dialects.

Using this, if you heard me speak, you wouldn't pay attention to the fact that I live in Georgia, and used to live in Massachusetts and Maryland, or grew up in Maine.  You could pinpoint my family as coming from Kansas and Missouri.

Rick's dad could have corrected this map.  The roots of my geeky upbringing run deep.


bluesun said...

I apparently sound like Dalton Trumbo. Who knew?

NotClauswitz said...

Should have heard me after coming back from a month in Europe (Germany & Scandinavia), after spending a year in India. I sounded weird-ass continental. It did attract chicks.

Hat Trick said...

When I worked in a co-op program at a certain three-letter agency in college I had great fun talking with all the new students and telling them where they were from before the revealed that information. Of course certain others thought that I was gathering info in advance and was called on it. When a certain skeptical WKS student who'd known me since I started in the program asked me to tell her where she grew up I told her W. PA and watched her jaw drop in surprise. Nailed it. I have relatives and family friends spread all over the country.

He needs to do further research of his boundaries for N. IL and S. WI. A NW IL native sounds nothing like a Chicagoan. I'll have to bookmark that and look at it a little further.

Dityo Ramadhani said...
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