Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogroll updates

Holy cow, there are a lot today.  I've been putting this off, and it shows.

Southern Belle emailed two weeks ago that she had me on her blogroll.  Mea culpa.  She's another chick with guns, and (even better) has a drunks with pointy things category.  Hard for me to compete with that.

Al Fin has me on his blogroll, which has me a bit gob smacked.  He's a wicked smaht bahstahd, and you'll gain measurable IQ points by reading him every day.

Ballseye's Boomers looks like the kind of guy who'll put me out of business.  He blogs on guns, Global Warming, cooking, tech, zombies - hey, leave some topics for the rest of us!

Da_truth36 has a partially NSFW blog Sick Of The Status Quo.  Pretty funny stuff, and nothing over the top (think Theo Spark), but you might want to check this one from home.

Blue blogs over at his eponymously named place.   I don't think that progressives will like his writing:
I believe that most Americans today have no idea what it means to be American. We have lost our identity. We have traded our "exceptionalism" for "political correctness".
The Adaptive Curmudgeon describes himself as the "benevolent dictator of his blog", which is so awesome that it's in danger of collapsing into a black hole of awesomeness.  He also offers a short lesson about what this means to grammar:
Mr. Curmudgeon refers to himself in the third person.  Unless I don’t.
Heh.  But in all seriousness, don't miss out on his 10 Things That Men Should Be Able To Do.

MedicMatthew is blogging over at New Life Changes, which probably isn't news for anyone but me.  Mea culpa, again.

Extrano's Alley gets some traffic from some very interesting search strings

So welcome to the blogroll, folks! And to anyone else who may have blogrolled me: if I haven't added you here, please leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I promise I won't wait weeks to do the next update!


Mayberry said...

Got you linked up at

JohnMXL said...

Added you to my list:


bs footprint said...

I've got you linked up at Welcome to the blogroll. Love to have a link back!


Blue said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Good of you to recognize that "Blue" has absolutely nothing to do with my political leanings.... :)

Stay safe.