Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogroll updates

Midwest Chick emails (!) to say that I've been on her blogroll for quite some time.  She's a regular read, which makes me wonder just how slow I've been.  I mean, if you don't read her, you'll miss stuff like this:
Why do I keep reading SOTU (State of the Union address), as STFU??
The Adaptive Curmudgeon seems like a bit of a kindred spirit.  He describes himself:
Adaptive Curmudgeon, or “Benevolent Dictator Of This Blog”, lives somewhere, does something, and remains vaguely anonymous for no particular reason.  As we all know, blogs are commonly used only to help restrain an author’s illogical desire to stand curbside spouting unrequested opinion.  Thus, if this blog doesn’t meet your standards.  You should lower your damned standards.

Welcome to the blogroll, folks!  And the usual note to anyone else who's blogrolled me - if I haven't added you here, email be at borepatch {at} gmail {dot} com, or leave a comment.

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