Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Searching for a Range

I haven't found one yet, so I haven't been able to go shooting yet.  I've been traveling rather a lot, and that's slowed the process down, but quite frankly the northern Atlanta 'burbs seem to be surprisingly short on shooting ranges.

The selection boils down to:

1. Riverbend gun club, with not only an indoor range but several outdoor rifle ranges included a 1000 yard (!) one.  But it's an hour north of here, which frankly would make shooting into a once a week (at best) event.

2. Existing indor pistol ranges, typically part of existing gun stores.  There's one in Marietta, and another in Norcross, and the prices look OK, but no rifle ranges.

3. Some new high end pistol ranges are opening up - may be like the Scotsdale Gun Club.  I expect that prices will be similar to Scotsdale.

No Rod and Gun clubs that I've been able to find, which seems strange.  So the search will continue.  Any pointers anyone has to a place with a rifle range near Roswell, GA, I'd appreciate.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Sounds like Maryland. A few pistol ranges an hour or less away. One rifle range indoors at NRA, two outdoor rifle ranges 1.5 hours distant.

Check for Isaak Walton Leagues. If they have a good range it might be worth joining.

But it sounds like you moved to the burbs

Jay G said...

You mean to tell me that I'm closer to the range here in MA than you are in GA?

Interesting. Best of luck with the search, Borepatch...

BobG said...

The last time I was at a range was when I was about five years old. I usually just drive out to the west desert and do my shooting. I also find things to photograph so it works out fine.
I have a range just a couple of miles from me, but I've never been to it.

Joe said...

Why don't you ask Tam?