Thursday, January 27, 2011


The TJIC brouhaha got a lot of attention, and my hit counter's done been busted.  I know that I haven't added everyone to the list here, but it's around 140 or so now.  If anyone has posted this and I haven't added you, please send me an email (borepatch at gmail dot com).  I found the people on the list by Sitemeter trackbacks, and there's no way that's 100% accurate.

I also have a bunch more people to blogroll, but same thing again: I found you either through comments you left or via Sitemeter trackbacks.  If you've added me to your blogroll, and you're not on the blogroll here, it means I haven't been able to keep up.  Shoot me an email.

Tranquility Lost is another gun totin', Harley ridin' bald guy with facial hair.  Sort of JayG's twin brother.  He's doing my blogging for me - this post of George Carlin on the Environment has been on my queue to post for a bit.  He got it covered.  Leave some topics for the rest of us, will ya?  ;-)

Rebel Yell hails from Ohio, despite the name.  His son's just back from the 'Stan, which must be equal parts relief and pride.  His take on True Grit was the same as mine, but beat me by three weeks.  Borepatch: recycling posts from Rebel Yell weeks late ...

Mike's Campfire is a fun place.  First, what's not to like about a blog with a Half-Drunk Ramblings category?  Plus, there are stories like this:
Geoff and our mutual friend Joe spent the early part of this morning doing a little “pest control” over at one of the local golf courses…seems they have so many rabbits there that the critters are creating  nuisance.  The solution?  A couple of rednecks with high-powered air rifles and a golf cart.
Of course, he includes the obligatory musical accompaniment.

Ballseye's Boomers offers an eclectic mix of shotguns, cooking, tech, and Zombies (well, The Walking Dead, anyway).  Another guy trapped in Blue State gun Hell, he offered up one of the most thoughtful posts on l'affair TJIC.

B.S. Footprint offers it up, err, shovel ready.  He's sort of a link aggregator, but not only brings the Rousseau, he brings the Junk Science, too.  My kind of guy.

Mayberry blogs at Keep It Simple Survival.  Unlike me (ranting, raving, and generally foaming at the mouth), he also has written some fiction, and has it available on his blog for your reading enjoyment.  Free stuff!

JohnXML freely admits that he rants, but begs the excuse that it's sleep deprivation that keeps him Not Firing On All Cylinders.  I get that from the kids ...

Bus Error is another righteous techie gun nut, and kindly emailed me to say that he'd blogrolled me (yay for email updates!).  He's too polite, though - ASN.1 isn't "insane", it's Satan's spawn.  He keeps up on the Northern Virgina tech community, and posts about upcomming events of interest.  Other NOVA techies might want to follow him.

I think that's it - traffic has been so heavy lately, and there have been so many updates that my Quality Control has gone on the fritz.  Plus, I suspect that there may be other folks out there either linking to the TJIC post, or who have blogrolled me.  If I haven't found you, or if I messed up your link (like I did with Southern Belle), please email me.


ASM826 said...

If you make a separate blogroll for the "I am TJIC", let me know and I'll put a link in my sidebar diectly to it.

BS Footprint said...

Thanks for the BS Footprint mention & link.

I've got a bunch of editorials and other rants in the queue, just haven't had much time to get them into publishable form... Where do you guys find the time!?! :D


CoolChange©© said...

Thanks for the shout (I think)! Now I'm gonna be a little more diligent in my content and my intent. I truly enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks again.

sofa said...

Any news regarding TJIC?
After more than a month he still hasn't restored his Blog.

At some point, the 'illegal taking' becomes 'a long train of abuses'.