Monday, January 10, 2011

Reloading 101

ASM826 is not only a great rifle instructor, he is great at explaining things like reloading.  He has a series up that's worth your while, if you've a hankering to try it yourself.

Part 1. Why bother?

Part 2. Getting started

Part 3. Checkpoint: Are you doing it right?

Part 4.  Reassess: why bother reloading?

Part 5.  Video

Part 6.  Casting bullets

Part 7. When it goes wrong, it goes very wrong indeed

It looks like he's still adding to the series, but he's helpfully tagged it for your convenience.  Excellent.

I've had the pleasure of reloading with him in his ammunition factory, along with #2 Son.  As I said, he's an excellent instructor.  If you're considering taking this up, you should spend some time on his posts.

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Patrick said...

Several of your links point to the same web page. Thanks for pointing them out though. Somehow I have lost the feed in Reader and didn't realize I was missing his blog.