Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You can't bulls*** the boss, he's a smart sonofab****

Robert emails to tell me of an interesting request:
Right NOW. I need everyone, regardless of where you live to send a message to the Texas Governor Rick Perry. Let him know you would like Ted Nugent appointed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Directors post.
I go on and on about Regulatory Capture, and how government agencies become beholden to (and directed, at least informally) by the industries they ostensibly oversee.  The Nuge running the Parks and Wildlife folks gives an entirely new spin.

Click through to see how you can help.  The Usual Suspects would be horrified by this, of course, which just makes it more important.

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Anonymous said...

I would vote for that man for president. Of course I signed the petition.

KurtP said...

I sent an e-mail. Don't know if it'll do any good though- it doesn't have anything to do with spending TYxDoT money on super luxurious rest stops.

Bushwack said...

Thanks partner. We have 58 signatures so far and we have about 7 more days to collect them. The more folks on it when it reaches Gov. Perry's desk the better. IF nothing else it gets a true patriots name in the Gov's mind.