Thursday, January 20, 2011

Support the Massachusetts economy

Stay with me for a minute, while I explain.

We've all seen what happens when you combine crazy gun laws with possibly politically motivated government.  A bunch of folks took this kind of personally.  People have been asking what they can do.

TJIC himself has been pretty gracious about the whole thing, saying that he's in good shape (so far) and recommending that people toss another sawbuck in the plate on Sunday if they want to help the world out.  Fine advice for all of us.

But +5 Insightful to Top Of The Chain, who brings a wicked smaht idea:
So last night after I buycotted a graphic novel from Heavy Ink, TJIC commented on the previous post with this.

Btw, if comic books aren't your thing, I own and run a second business:

Sign up for Combat Pistol University

... or Gunsmithing University:

...or one of the others:
So instead of entertaining yourself with the latest Spiderman, Batman, etc., you can get yourself some practical knowledge from a variety of subjects.
The idea isn't a boycott, it's a buycott - support business that you like.  I look and see all sorts of shooty goodness there, including this:
oday the M1 is enjoying a resurgence as a long range match rifle through the DCM program and the recent availability of imported surplus rifles. If you own a M1 Garand or it's magazine fed brother the M1A you'll want this course so that you can truly understand how your rifle functions, be able to totally strip it and reassemble it down to the last part and perform basic repairs. You will even understand how that mysterious clip feed system works and how to adjust it. Improving accuracy is also discussed. The differences and similarities internally between the M1 and the M1A are shown in detail.

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Firearms::M-1 / Garand.
As you see, they're helpfully tagged for your browsing convenience.  Other tags include AK-47 and 1911 (by God).  And there's a nifty Amazon-like Wisdom-Of-Crowds thingie, which helpfully points out:

Customers who rented this DVD also rented

So take a moment to browse over to SmartFlix.  There may just be something there for you - if so, order it.  Post it on your site.

And to the point of this post - let's drive so much business his way that Governor Patrick will want to break ground at the new SmartFlix World Headquarters.


Kevin said...

Great idea. I was wondering what else I could do to help, other than bitching on the Internet...

Josh Kruschke said...

I can get befind a buycott. Also, I'm going to link to his site on my blog @ . I have also written a post with my thoughts on the subject there tittled "On a Whim and a Prayer."

I will not be using the "I am TJIC" picture, because you do realize the "I am Sparticus" line was a last bit of defiance after they had already fought the good fight and where about to get crucified?


Tam said...


I've already got more gunsmithing books than I know what to do with, but I went ahead and bought a couple graphic novels. Figured I'd put some money where my mouth was. ;)


Did someone promise you you were gonna win? As they say back home, "Skeered, say skeered." :p

Josh Kruschke said...

No Tam I just thought the symbolism was A little off.

I'm more a "You will take my emptied still smoking gun off my lifeless dead body" kind of guy.


Tam said...


"I'm more a "You will take my emptied still smoking gun off my lifeless dead body" kind of guy."

No guarantees it's gonna end all gloriously like that. John Hancock knew he might end up dancing on the end of a rope, and he signed anyway.

So, are you in or are you out?

ASM826 said...

Since you seem to be in contact, what's the status of his website? It's still down. Is that on advice of his lawyer or did they take his server?

Borepatch said...

ASM826, he didn't say, and I didn't ask. I get the impression that he took them down on the advise of his lawyers. Interestingly, the Google Cache seems to have been flushed as well, which suggests that this wasn't just the Po-Po seizing his boxen.

Josh Kruschke said...


I was all ways in. I just didn't know I need to flap my gumms about it.

If all you want me to do is put up a picture, I can do that thats NP and easy. As I've said, I'm just not going to get excited about it. I can also jump up and down shacking my fist at the unfair gods of the universe.

I will do what's in my power to do.
That's I all I can guaranty.

I will make that guaranty to you Tam; cause, I'm not even sure if I like this TJIC character. If it wasn't for this effecting my rights, I'm not sure If I would of got in involved for just TJIC.

I'm in.

I am TJIC.