Thursday, January 13, 2011

The definition of "awesome"

It's "iPhone controlled cold beer dispensing compressed air cannon."

Via El Reg, who offer up details:

Ryan Rusnak, 25, first rigged up a bog-standard refrigerated beer vending machine to dispense refreshment at the touch of his Jesus Phone.

Dissatisfied with having to physically retrieve the can from the machine's tray, he and Graham Phero decided it would be "awesome" if the device could fire ale directly to the customer using compressed air.
Accordingly, they added a ballistic beer unit to the mix, and after a few prototypes and several high-velocity mishaps, they triumphed
And well done to Mr. Rusnak and compatriots - the fridge/canon is password protected.  Extra crazy security points!

I'm shocked to see this sort of thinking emerge from a University, where the students are (supposed to be) under drinking age. 

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