Friday, November 12, 2010

Global Warming Deniers at Mother Jones

Via Aretae, we find an outbreak of Denialism at Mother Jones, of all places:
The Climate Change Believer Religion, and it’s virtuous lack of holy evidence, was the sacred truth for those who bowed faithfully to a higher power. The doomers didn’t care, respect, or love the planet. They hated humanity as they so flippantly declared the end of time (“unstoppable warming”) and took self -satisfying glee in condemning their very own children to Death By CO2.
And what sort of know-nothing, anti-science, knuckle-dragging Rethuglican posted this comment?
I can’t do this anymore, this climate change hysteria. And I consider myself both progressive and a liberal too, so hear me out. I found out what “they” all agree on, they agree that the effects of CO2 are predicted to be anywhere from unstoppable warming, to no noticeable effects at all. No wonder they all agreed. And it’s been 24 years. We look like we WANT this climate hell to happen. We have been had folks. This is OUR Iraq War of lies and fear. I’m both embarrassed and ashamed for endorsing this CO2 mistake through two and a half decades of dire warnings of doom and Armageddon.
And the other commenters give him a hearty "Amen".  Like Aretae says, stick a fork in Global Warming.  They've lost not just haters like me, but the good Progressive flock as well. 

Will the last Global Warmer please turn out the lights?  We're trying to reduce our Carbon Emissions ...


bluesun said...

Hmmm... what kind of "science" can they overblow to lead people down their chosen path next?

Eagle said...

Are you sure this article didn't appear on April 1, 2009?

Anonymous said...

I think you need a shot of someone with a Desert Eagle, otherwise I can't respect you as a firearms person!

(Who cares about global warming if you have a warm firearm.)