Monday, November 1, 2010

Handyman FAIL

I've finally throwing in the towel on the secure perimeter upgrades, and admitting my handiman skillz are not so 1337.  George is going to finish it for me - George built our porch (seen here), and is all around fabulous.  After five days of fixing stuff (maybe 75% of the total), I'm just plain out of gas.

So George FTW!  And Borepatch FTF!*

* For The Fail.  Bah.


Lissa said...

I was completely triumphant when I managed to complete the Easy-Assemble Space-Saving Bathroom Rack. Hell, I was gleeful when the spa tower turned out to be already fully assembled. I may have pranced up and down shaking it at the sky.

ZerCool said...

Having owned the house for about a year and a half now, and being the default fix-it-guy here, I've stuck my hands and tools into things I *never* thought I'd be working on.

I decided that if something is already broken, I probably can't make it (much) MORE broken by poking it with a stick, and after I've done that either it works or I call someone who knows what they're doing. (When working on an appliance that uses open flames or insanely high voltage, I simply call the guy who Knows What He's Doing.)

And yes, it HAS occasionally cost me more money to poke it with a stick before calling an expert... but I always learn something fascinating, and then make sure I watch over the pro's shoulder to see how he undoes what I did.

(I am STILL not a great carpenter. Never will be. But I'm getting better.)

TheUnpaidBill said...

Too bad you aren't closer, I would have come over to lend a hand.

Congratulations on the sale, and the move. Enjoy moving back to the free(er) part of America.

NotClauswitz said...

I can do a lot of things, carpentry too - and especially with mud and drywall - but fixing is different than building. I'm a pretty good painter, but that's Theater Painter and Scenic Artist - where it's down and dirty and quick, and there's a professional set of shortcuts that work from thirty-feet away.
I appreciate our contractors being professionals, and their really pleasing results after years of journeymanship.
I should have taken that path but I wandered in the Liberal wilderness for so damn long...

Six said...

There's a neverending list of things that must be done. I'm feeling for ya BP. It'll be done soon and then you can rest a bit.