Sunday, November 7, 2010

Palin 2012

The Anchoress talks some sense:
Some would like to believe that Palin “will not need to engage the mainstream media to do that,” but the truth is, she will. Their influence is waning, and they don’t quite control the narrative as firmly as they used to, but for now the “gateway” media still controls the national conversation, itself. Those centrists and independents who turned away from Palin mostly took their cues from the mainstream, upon whom they depend for their headlines-and-soundbites. Part of her ability to win them back will depend upon how deftly (there is that word again) she engages that mainstream, who–if I may revisit the fencing analogy–will grudgingly acknowledge a touche. Recall that when Walter Mondale tried to make Reagan’s age an issue in the ’84 campaign, Reagan disarmed him (and the press) completely by genially responding that no one should hold his opponent’s youth against him. The Osric-press announced, “a hit; a very palpable hit!”
She also warns of the dangers of the echo chamber.  The whole thing is well worth your attention.

Of course, all this talk of a Palin and Rubio ticket is silly.  We already know who should get the VP nod.

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Home on the Range said...

I admire what she stands for and her courage, but her flat out quitting as governor, then out immediately promoting a book, turned a LOT Of people away, including myself.

But I will watch, as I think there is much more to her, than we believe.