Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey, y'all

Yeah, I know people don't think of Maryland as "the South", but it is south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

And #1 Son drove a full day's drive by himself. I still sometimes see him as a little kid (because I'm sentimental that way), but he did a man's work today.

And we have the dogs and the cat back from the kennel. We're back at full strength, so to speak.

But it will be good to have a couple day's rest. Boy, howdy.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Naw, Maryland seceded (or at least was trying to) from the south.


Tam said...

You are not in The South unless the state in question had a star on the Third National. Period.


JohnOC said...

"I know people don't think of Maryland as 'the South'"

But, if you're smart, you won't say that in front of a Marylander.

Chris said...

Damn straight, JohnOC! Only federal troops arresting the legislature kept them from voting to secede in that late unpleasantness properly called the War of Northern Aggression. In my nearly six decades, though, I've seen Maryland become the land of the government worker and the home of the tax feeder. It's right up there with, say, Massachusetts and New Jersey in most ways. Except that the folks here keep electing only Democrats, while the aforementioned states' voters at least tried the other side (with admittedly mixed results). Besides, we *do* use the term, "y'all" down here. So all y'all Yankees can know you're not in Kansas anymore. ;-)