Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quote of the Day - Cluture Wars edition

While I'm traveling, I'm finding it much easier to be linky, rather than thinky.  As they say, if you're falling, dive, and I Want A New Left brings the heavy artillery regarding the Left's lack of reaction to Theo van Gogh's murder six years ago:
I never heard of any Americans during the Cold War who worried about what they said in public about the communists.
It's long and thoughtful, and the only critique I can offer is that he could have mentioned the Danish Cartoons, or Salman Rushdie, or Aayan Hirsi Ali, or many others.  The Left's deafening silence on all of these - or worse, their pathetic attempts to explain them away because of "provocation" - are all you really need to dismiss the Left in general as morally bankrupt.

If the Left were like I Want A New Left, I'd be in their club.

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SiGraybeard said...

I wonder about things like that, too. I wonder why Islam is favored among the left, when the tenets of Islam are violently opposed to the supposed tenets of the left? Gay rights, abortion, and women's rights, are all worse under Islam.

Why do (exclusively leftist) feminists condemn Christians, when women in the Christian west have far more rights and privileges than in Islamic countries?

I guess the best way to sum up that the left doesn't comment on things like this that violate their principles is that they don't have any real principles to speak of.