Sunday, November 21, 2010

Think the Republicans will rein in the TSA?

Think again:

“Over the last 20 years, I have flown back and forth to my district on a commercial aircraft,” [Speaker-Of-The-House-To-Be] Boehner said at [a news conference after Election Day], “and I am going to continue to do that.”

And so on Friday, he did. But not without the perquisites of office, including avoiding those security pat-downs that many travelers are bracing for as holiday travel season approaches.
Just like you and me, only better.  What's his motivation to clean up the TSA?  But don't worry:

Michael Steel, a spokesman for the Republican leader, said in a statement that Mr. Boehner was not receiving special treatment. And a law enforcement official said that any member of Congress or administration official with a security detail is allowed to bypass security.
Well OK, then.  Glad there's nothing going on here.

So do Speaker Boehner's two daughters have to get groped, or do the special rules for members of Congress apply to them, too?  If not, there's no need to worry Mr. Speaker: the TSA has a new, child-friendly mascot.  Pedo-Bear:

Hat tip: Dad via email.

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Anonymous said...

With all the bruhaha over this situation; I have been wondering what/why we are suddenly getting the lamestream media concentrating on this story.

Usually when the lamestream grinds away at a story it means there is something happening in the background. So watch for something new to come out of that cesspool; washington, dc. Maybe this is a coverup for that chi-com rocket off the western coast.

Also, obama hasn't raped the airline industry yet. This could be the socialists lame excuse for an "end-around" run at them. All this angst over the tightening of searches could be a way for the socialists to try to get people to NOT take the airways. That way the airways income will fall thereby putting them into the hands of the government "they are too big to fail" catagory.


Carteach said...

This is my surprised face

Anonymous said...

An appropriate mascot wait until they hire lots of real paedophiles whom shall get caught and then shown to be TSA workers.
The lawsuits when that happens will be large and terrible for the government to behold.

Paladin said...

Ha! .... Pedobear Logo FTW!