Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm a Denier!

Yeah yeah yeah ...

This is so full of win that it hurts.  There's a lot of Global Warming inside baseball there, but it's such good inside baseball.  As always, click on Clint in the upper right hand corner for your introduction to Global Warming.  And mad props to the band, whose drummer looks just like Dr. Michael Mann of "Hockey Stick" fame.  It's eerie. That's part of the inside baseball thing.

Via MaddMedic, who also has the Ten Commandments translated into Minnesota-ese.  For example:

2. Don’t make that Stuffed Walleye on your mantle an idol.
Full of win right there, too.


Anonymous said...

Heh..Band is Minnesotans for Global Warming.

Thanks for the linkage...

But accent?
What accent?

You may have an accent!! We do not!!


WoFat said...

Y'all ALL talk funny.

Pignock said...

OK, I got the hockey stick and Al Gore mask and I'll take your word on the Michael Mann resemblance, but what's with the chicken suit?

Borepatch said...

Keith, I think that's Chicken Little.

Matt said...

Okay, time to show my geeky colors. I realize that band set was just for show, and that it was all lip-synced, but come on people.

At least plug a cable into the drummer's mic, okay?

wv: diner - just one twisting of the facts away from denier. Watch out BP, they're onto you!!!