Monday, November 22, 2010


Go. Read. Now.


Bob said...

Saw it early this morning at work when Insty first posted it; almost blogged it, but decided not to, for some reason. I guess it's going to be the meme for the next 24 hours, I've seen it over at Gregarious Loner, too.

I didn't blog it because it seemed to me to be too much of a call to arms, and I don't want to advocate the cold culture war turning into a hot civil war. If the Left wants to start one themselves, let them do so, so that the entire world knows that they are in the wrong.

Boat Guy said...

Fix bayonets, aye.
One of the joys of the Tea Party/ Constitutional republican ("small r") resurgence is the strength demonstrated by the women in our midst, many of them young. Certainly gives one encouragement.

kx59 said...

I went and RTWT. Man that was good.
fix Bayonets!