Friday, November 12, 2010

Security prevents UK Anti-Terror chief from boarding plane

 Welcome to our world, Baroness Neville-Jones:

BRITAIN'S anti-terror chief launched an astonishing attack on airport security staff after they stopped her taking a banned amount of liquid onto a plane.

Home Office minister Baroness Neville-Jones, in charge of national security, was en route to a Washington summit when she was found to have an oversized aerosol can in her bag.

The rules are clearly for the Little People.  The only real question is whether this was only reported in the Press because (a) she's a Tory, (b) it's about security, or (both a and b).

But some people are talking sense about airline security:

The security boss of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is calling for an end to endless investment in new technology to improve airline security.
Marijn Ornstein said: "If you look at all the recent terrorist incidents, the bombs were detected because of human intelligence not because of screening ... If even a fraction of what is spent on screening was invested in the intelligence services we would take a real step toward making air travel safer and more pleasant."

She said authorities were in an arms race with terrorist organisations and were always a step behind.


bluesun said...

So do you think that it's possible for them to spend money on "human intelligence" when so far they have demonstrated such a clear lack of it?

Anonymous said...

It is always nice to see the muckety mucks have their contraptions blow up in their faces.


TOTWTYTR said...

A step behind the terrorists? I'd say two or three most of the time. We're wasting millions, maybe billions, on useless "security measures" that do nothing but give our enemies a laugh and infuriate travelers.

This hasn't become an election issue, yet, but it will.