Friday, November 5, 2010

Washington insider: Palin cost GOP the election

Or something.

At the Roll Call/CQ election analysis session at the Ronald Reagan Building this morning, Roll Call Executive Editor and Fox News contributor Mort Kondracke blamed Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint for Republicans' failure to capture the Senate.

“The people who got slapped the hardest in this election — besides Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama — are Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin,” he said. “Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin are responsible for the fact that the Senate did not go Republican. They’re the ones who are responsible for Christine O’Donnell. They’re the ones who are responsible for Joe Miller in Alaska. They’re the ones who are responsible for Ken Buck in Colorado. They’re the ones who are responsible for Sharron Angle in Nevada.”
Ooooooh kaaaaaay.  Glad to have access to that sort of insightful, penetrating analysis.  It lets me analyze the intelligence of the Political Class.

The Dinosaurs  smell a change in the air, and roar their defiance.



Paladin said...

And this sort of "analysis" spreads and spills over to the Left too. A liberal blog that I follow recently was bemoaning the outcome of the recent election outcome. The one bright point that he was able to giggle over was the "fact" that "anyone who Sarah Palin endorsed in the US midterm elections fell to defeat".

I'm sure he was quite disapointed when I pointed out that her endorsed candidates won 37 of 52 House contests. She backed seven victorious gubernatorial candidates. In the Senate, she went six for 10 in races.

Two years is going to fly by. I hope we are keeping track of the dinosaurs on both sides of the aisle that need to be ejected on the next go-round.

Stan said...

Once again these political elitist haven't got the message and it appears they never will.

There is somewhere around 3-4% of the population on both the right and left extremes that is ready to go toe to toe in civil revolution; with only the 15% in the middle some how keeping the match away from the powder keg.

So here we go again with the same old smoke and mirrors game from Washington DC insiders.

bluesun said...

It's ok by me if the "establishment" wants to be a sad panda, becuase I live in a little place called "REALITY."

NotClauswitz said...

Roar dinosaur, roar! Lets poke them with sticks again and again. What cartridge and caliber for dinosaur? If you put one on an ice floe in the arctic, will a polar bear eat it?

Skip said...

And he is who?