Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blogroll updates

With all the hustle and bustle lately, I haven't been doing proper blogroll maintenance.  Can't have that.

Lever Action is, well, about what you'd expect.  However, he maintains an eclectic topic selection, as this sweet post about his Garand shows.

Greasy Gears is about cars, and guns, and hunting, and whatever strikes his fancy.  What more do you need?

da_truth36 over at Sick Of The Status Quo describes himself as "Just a simple country boy with a few thoughts to share about life, liberty and beer."  My kind of guy.  With my kind of sense of humor ...

And Cybrus at Lost And Found is another IT guy who likes shooting.  With a warning that we all would do well to take to heart.

Welcome to the blogroll, folks!  And the usual reminder: if you've blogrolled me and I haven't reciprocated, leave a comment or email be at borepatch at gmail dot com.


LeverAction said...

Thank you for adding me, and for the kind introduction. I'm pretty new to the whole blog thing so I'm still learning the proper netiquette. Hopefully I'll be able to expand my topic selection into more meaningful and interesting subjects in the near future. BTW, your blog is pure unfiltered awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the add. I need to do a bit of blogroll maintenance myself, along with yours I've started following a few other interesting blogs but not real sure anyone noticed. I'll check the others you mentioned here, start following and do an official update soon.

Anonymous said...

If I leave you a comment about not being on your blog roll I'll sound like a whiny bitch. So I'm not going to do that.

Borepatch said...

WarriorGeek, thanks for pointing out my FAIL (I was sure you were here). Will fix.