Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I can see 2012 from my house!

She took aim, and hit center mass:
Amid deep pessimism about the economy, the coalition of voters that gave Democrats control of Congress in 2006 appears to have fractured.

Preliminary exit polls showed that the party lost ground to Republicans in Tuesday's midterm elections among women, middle-income workers, whites, seniors and independent voters.


Among seniors, the two parties were at parity in 2006; Republicans now hold a large advantage among voters age 65 and older. Equally damaging for the Democrats, seniors—who were heavily courted by Republicans this year with ads attacking Mr. Obama's health-care overhaul—appear to represent a larger share of the electorate than four years ago.
"Death Panels" are the political equivalent of 230 grain hollow points.  Sarahcuda was the first to point out that rationing care means that Seniors will get refused care.  The Media Dinosaurs, of course, went berzerk.

But Center Mass, baby.  Center Mass.  It's the kicked dog that yelps.  And 2 years of arguing over Obamacare only lets the Senior demographic get bigger.  If she's dumb, she's dumb like a fox.

There's a fresh wind of plain, straight talk blowing through this land.  It's blowing the miasma of Washington Think Tank/MSM/Talking Head idiocy from the landscape.  Palin does it better than anyone, except possibly Chris Christie.

The Dinosaurs smell a change on this wind, and roar their defiance.


Southern Belle said...

let's hope they don't squander their majority this time, Borpatch.

Druid said...

Death Panels come after they seize the funds you saved over a lifetime for your RV and/or end-of-life care, say $100K on average, and dump it on ER care for twenty-somethings with the sniffles...

...and they wonder why Americans spend more for health care than any other nation - because they could (past tense).

drivewaycrawler said...

I can see the election results from my couch...
So I flipped over to messnbc just to see how they trying to spin the results and they all looked like they were going to cry. Chrissie's tingle apparently left his leg. heh. I caught John Boehner's speech...was he running again? I don't think so, but it sure sounded like he was. He said most of the "right" words and got all choked up, I had to laugh, the fox news babe described it as "overcome by the moment" but I know drunk when I see it. heh.

but the thing that hit home for me tonight was that the Pols and the pundits treat this like it's nothing more than a college football game. I have news for them. and..republicans better take notice.
vote the bastards out. nuff said.
still waiting for the results from Nevada.

Bubblehead Les. said...

"Dude, you ain't gonna believe it, man. Like, you know, last night I was cruising through the Tube looking for the Cheech and Chong Re-Run, and all I saw was a bunch of Talking Heads talking 'bout States and Votes and stuff like that, but there was this map of the U.S., you know, and it was covered in BLOOD, Man, it was SO RED! Dude, was there a Zombie Outbreak last night or something? I mean, I've smoked some stuff in the Past, Man, but Dude! It was SO RED!"--statement from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, 2:30am, EDT.

wolfwalker said...

I have a question.

at the moment, the latest numbers I can find say a net Republican pickup of 59 House seats. One seat flipped the other way, so that's 60 that changed hands. 60 out of 435.

How did we arrive at such a state where six out of seven seats stay in the same hands -- and yet, it's a historic 'wave' election? Congress is universally loathed, with approval ratings in the teens. The most unethical, corrupt, incompetent, unresponsive, unConstitutional, unAmerican Congress in living memory ... yet less than 25% of seats were in play, and less than 14% changed hands.

And let's not forget that the ones who will be running things now are still part of the Washington establishment. We couldn't flip the Senate, and Barry Lackwit will still be there to get in the way.

Yah, it was a bunch of big wins ... but in the end, did we really accomplish anything?

cybrus said...

Great post. Loved it and linked it!

lelnet said...

"Yah, it was a bunch of big wins ... but in the end, did we really accomplish anything?"

That remains to be seen.

No sane person expected this election to change _everything_. This is not the end of the struggle, nor is it the beginning of the end. But it may be the end of the beginning.

I call that a win. If we can keep it.